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Fuel is a lifestyle brand established to highlight people's need for quality products and to fulfill them at affordable prices.Even though the company is established in 2017 we have a team of qualified professionals from the field to assist us in our work.Though are methods are complex but our goal is simple "provide the highest quality product at the most affordable price range"
The story of FUEL began with the foundation of its Management team to provide the consumer the best fit and finish for each and every product they purchase. We have our highest focus on quality which is achieved by having a team of professional specializing in quality control. Currently we have our store only in Mumbai but we are planning to expand all across the country. We have a portfolio of 25 unique designs and shades with a production capacity of 30000 units per month so that none of our customers go disappointed

We design our products with the aim of achieving utmost satisfaction. We not only fabricate our products but also aim to raise the bar every time we innovate something new. Our products are tailored to utmost perfection to go beyond satisfaction of our customers needs. Hoping to comfort their lives by providing the highest quality fit and finish of each and every product you choose from fuel.
The fabric used for manufacturing the products are one of the highest graded qualities and are carefully handpicked by our management and designers so that you feel a sense of togetherness in this journey of ours. The lifestyle that you follow tells a story and so our products. Our products are not just for fashion they are made to become a part of your lifestyle and enhance it, and together it will help you enhance and provide a sense of excellence to your story.
Our primary focus is elegance with a premium touch of comfort so that you stand out of the crowd.


A team of more than 300 people are working more than 14 hours a day to get you the product that goes beyond your  desire. Right from picking the yarn to designing it, stitching it, using the best quality zippers, buttons and even the wash care inside, using the best washing technology and materials and delivering it to you, we don’t compromise on anything because its not about our product it's about you - our customers.
We have a small management team so that the decision for you enhanced lifestyle doesn’t come across any delays. Our management team consists of two young and dynamic individuals having a business background and a strong sense of desire to provide the highest quality products.Our team always go out of their way to achieve the highest level of perfection for our customers because customer delight is the only profit that we seek.
Kaif Dosani
A 21 Year old entrepreneur graduated with a Degree of Commerce  with no further willingness to study and just a passion to reach out to the world with something unique and innovative in each and every field he enters. Finding and solving problems is his forte and right from yarn selection till the  end product delivering the warehouse or the stores he is there keeping a watch on everything so that nothing should go wrong.”We don’t device business or sales strategy because a satisfied customer is the best business plan” - Kaif.
Ameen Dosani
Being a 20 year old young Business Management graduate with a heart and made for business he dedicates all his time and passion towards making this business a successful venture. No one needs to be great to start something, but on should start something to be great. This is the mindset with which he works. His forte is quality control because that’s what sets you apart. If a business primarily focuses on quality sooner or later it will succeed. Marketing the products is the other area which he looks after because good marketing makes the company look smart but great marketing makes the customer feel smart. He believes that “Quality is the best business plan”